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June 11

Grand Prix assignments announced

Miki to sit out Grand Prix season

New season, great showdowns

Mao discusses her new programs

World team event coming to Tokyo


May 11

Triglav Trophy review by Aiko

Aiko interviews Nobunari Oda

Morozov could have coached Mao?

Nobunari knee injury confirmed

Read Aiko's live reports from Moscow

Miki takes gold, Mao sixth in Moscow


April 11

Miki spoils Yu-Na's return

Miki reclaims world title in Moscow

Yu-Na holds slim lead over Miki after SP

Asada-Kim rivalry renewed

Team Japan has great shot

Mao prepares to defend title

Kavaguti looks to Worlds after quake

Ladies will be fun to watch in Moscow

Aiko interviews Fumie Suguri

March 11

France graciously offers 2012 Worlds to Japan

Moscow to host 2011 Worlds in April

Japan officially declines

California skaters organize Japan benefit show

Skaters weigh in on cancellation

ISU cancels Worlds in Tokyo for now

North America reaches out to Japan

Russian, U.S. ladies own World Juniors

Japan's ladies dominate prelims

February 11

Mao, Miki getting ready for Worlds

Read Aiko's report from the 4CC!

Miki stamps win with stellar skate

Ando defeats strong field for gold

Takahashi holds on for gold

Miki leads Mao after SP at 4CC

Taipei makes sure 4CC volunteers can communicate!

Kanako takes Asian Games title

Murakami, Imai 1-2 after short at Asian Games

Mao getting back to basics

National Winter Sports Championship report from Aiko

January 11

Aki looks forward to new career

English translation

Mao hopes to continue surge at 4CC

Japan Skates is reviewed in IFS magazine

Absolute Skating meets Yuka Sato

Mr. Sato speaks about All-Japan, Mao


December 10

Mr. Sato speaks about All-Japan, Mao

Read Aiko's report from the All-Japan

Miki dazzles in gold medal skate

Ando, Asada finish one-two

Mao comes through, off to Worlds

Mao toughs out lead after SP

Fired-up Kozuka leads after mens SP

Mao questions whether she can do it

Mao faces up-hill battle at All-Japan

Mao facing intense pressure at home

"Mini-Mao" Murakami raises bar for Worlds

Grand Prix Final summary by Aiko

Takahashi, Tran take GPF junior pairs

No gold for Japan at GPF

Czisny leads Japanese after SP

Miki, Daisuke favoured for gold

Analysis, predictions for GPF


November 10

Asada to work things out with Sato

Read interview with Akiko Suzuki

Kozuka wins, Mao improves a little

Japan ladies miss Paris podium

Mao struggles to seventh after SP in France

Mao hopes to rebound in Paris

Miki skates through pain to take Moscow title

Miki edges Akiko as Japan owns Cup of Russia

Kanako Murakami has personality to burn

Suzuki, Kavaguti lead fields after SP

Japan's ladies could top podium in Moscow

GPF spots on the line at Cup of Russia

Kanako steals show, gold in Portland

Takahashi edges Oda at Skate America

Kanako wins crowd, sits in second

Japan set to shine in Portland

Is it time for Mao to move to Orser?

Japan takes both singles titles in Beijing

Miki, Akiko take top spots at Cup of China

Nagasu leads, Japan close behind after SP in Beijing


October 10

Ladies event wraps up in Kingston

Ladies SP complete at Skate Canada

Nobunari leads in Kingston, inspired by family

Is it time for Mao to move to Orser?

Mao finishes disappointing 8th at NHK

Daisuke dazzles, leads after SP

Mao off to slow start at NHK

Mao falters, Kanako sparkles in SP

Mao, Daisuke to headline NHK

Akiko takes Finlandia Trophy title

Japan Open won by Team Japan

Risa Shoji gives Japan hope for future

September 10

Sato may be good fit for Mao


2009-10 Headlines