Transcript of JapanSkates' interview with Yoshie Onda at Skate America, Atlantic City on October 23, 2005.

By Mark Stephens, (c) JapanSkates 2005.

Photos taken at Skate America are at Yoshie's photo page.

After I arrived at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Friday, October 21, I watched Yoshie's dynamic short program and then spotted her sitting with her coach Josée Chouinard in the stands.  I approached them and they were very friendly (and remembered me from the Granite Club interview!).  Josée informed me that the Japan Federation had approved an over-the-boards interview with Yoshie following the Exhibition practice on the Sunday.  Then on the Saturday, I saw Yoshie sitting in the stands following her free skate and we planned the 'where and when' for the following day's interview.

Around noon on Sunday, Josée and Yoshie came out from backstage and approached the stands.  Yoshie was immediately flooded with autograph requests so we waited patiently until she had finished them all.  Gregg and I had planned to alternate our prepared questions, but given the physical limitations and short time available I handled the questions and Gregg stood by with the camera.  Josée then said her goodbyes to Yoshie, as she was about to return to Toronto.

JS: Hi Yoshie!


JS:  Congratulations on yesterday!

Thank you!

JS:  How do you feel about your performance (free skate) yesterday?

I was so nervous yesterday but I did a good start for this season.  And I want to keep going to (give a) good performance for next Cup of Russia.

JS:  I know that even I was nervous before you skated!  How did you deal with being the third to skate?  What did you do to remain calm and to relax before you went out?

YO:  Oh no...before, everyone was giving a standing ovation for Alissa and so I was surprised and thought "OH OH!" and I couldn't be so (calm) in my head.  Yeah, but you know she has just started in Senior and I have competed longer in Senior so it was a little bit different.  But a few years ago I was the same, but now I have a lot more pressure; but I have to deal with my pressure, so I did good (under) pressure at this competition.

 JS:  Were you happy to see Daisuke win the gold medal on the men's side?

YO:  (Smile) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!  Exactly, because he's such as a good skater but every time he does a good short program but he couldn't do a good long program.  I was so nervous for Daisuke but he did a good performance for Skate America.  I competition, NHK Trophy, he try...I hope that he does a good performance in NHK Trophy.

JS:  He was wonderful, yeah!

YO:  Yeah!

JS:  Have you seen any of Atlantic City?

YO:  No I've never been.  You know, I've never competed Skate America, so this competition I am first time at Skate America.

JS:  But have you seen any of the casinos, anything in Atlantic City, or was it all skating?  (I knew what the answer would be, but asked anyway!).

YO:  Oh no no no no, just you know, hotel...skate...hotel...skate!  Sometimes I walked around outside, but it's almost all hotel and skate.

JS:  What are your plans?  Are you going home to Japan for a while, or back to Toronto?

YO:  Toronto.

JS:  Are you going to be in Toronto with Josee through to the Olympics and Worlds?

YO:  Yes.

JS:  Who chose your exhibition program?

YO:  Josee, oh yeah it was Josee!

JS:  Well I think that's just about everything.  So, congratulations!

YO:  Thank you so much!

JS:  Thank you very much for being so helpful to us.

YO:  You're welcome!

We then had Yoshie pose for a photo with Gregg.  Gregg had already taken one of me interviewing her.  We said our goodbyes and Yoshie went backstage to get ready for the Exhibition.  We enjoyed her program, Alicia Keys' "Heartburn", immensely, and were so proud of her as she took her place in the parade of champions at the end of the day.

Thanks go to Yoshie and her coach Josée Chouinard for graciously allowing us to interview Yoshie for the second time in a month!  They are two of the nicest people in skating.

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