Fumie SUGURI wraps up her 2010-2011 season with JapanSkates
Our Japanese correspondent Aiko interviewed Fumie in February after the National Winter Sports Championships @ her office "Sunny Side Up".
Feb. 9, 2011 in Tokyo

Fumie SUGURI 村主章枝 2010-2011SP Adagio @ 2010 Skate Canada  Gigi Hsueh
2010-2011SP"Adagio" @ 2010 Skate Canada © Gigi Hsueh

☞ in Japanese

JS: I would like to open this interview with Mark's first question… "Have you been satisfied with working with your new agent?" - your new agent here is, and you work here!

FS: satisfied … sounds slightly different. I'm so pleased with working with "Sunny Side Up". Merry encounters, responsible tasks I have here.

JS: How about handling job-and-training?

FS: I could handle studying-and-training when I was a student. Peoples say "It's so hard, isn't it?" but I have worked as well as I can.

JS: How do you feel about your programs this seasons?

FS: About LP, I guess I performed so-so at National Winter Sports Championships (=NWSC Jan. 27-28) my last competition this season. Though I could have done it better. SP, at Japan Nats apparently I did it well, but I didn't finish it as a "program". Only 30%-40% I made.

JS: At NWSC, both SP and LP were well-made "program"s…

FS: No, not at all.

JS: YES! You hit every single musical note there…

FS: No. I need more intensity, I guess.

JS: BUT! You made a 3S there! in FS.

FS: YES! I did at last. God bless it. (laughs)

JS: After Japan Nats, you explained that you had changed various things and those refinements worked. One refinement with which I'm really interested: You have shaped your skeleton to train under the coach of 400M-800M.

FS: I have trained under the Russian 400M-800M Olympic medalist since last summer. He thought my skeleton didn't fit, so we started to correct it.

JS: correct your skeleton … what kind of training do you do for it?

FS: to settle all joints right positions… I mean, to wear the right muscle on its right position.

JS: Also you have changed your skating form. I saw you got much faster at Dreams On Ice(: an annual back-to-season exhibition of Japan Team) in June. As if you got younger…

FS: Absolutely, I changed my skating form. You see the difference when you watch videos… much clearly between Skate Canada and Trophee Eric Bompard. Yet I haven't completed.

JS: At NWSC, in warming-up 6 minutes, I found you were checking your skating form, riding on your edge to float almost halfway around. That new form has fit better and better.

FS: I have troubles with my jumps, so changed my skating form… I must have difficult jump elements in FS as others do. But my age (thirty!) - I can't be a powerhouse anymore. I must be a gas miser, to have them. Though it caused me another trouble this season, if you change your skating form, you must change the way of your jumps as well.

JS: Japan Nats - you have participated 16 years! by the way. Could you tell us your thought of this "All-Japan"? On this Japan Nats, I remembered again: "jumps-winner takes it all at Japan Nats"…

FS: Not only in Japan, we have many jumps champions in this sport at this moment. If you compete, you must win your jumps to win.

JS: Your Figure Skating inspires me a contemporary art, a contemporary dancing,

FS: Thank you.

JS: Yet such an artist, has won her jumps to win at Japan Nats for years.

FS: Yes, that's all that competition, don't miss your jumps.

JS: On your Japan Nats 2010, in FS you got to be turned down, but SP! you made both 3Lz and 3F. "Ms. Decisive" Fumie seemed to be back.

FS: This season, my jumps have concerned me… and finally, my training worked at Japan Nats. But I can't say that I made a "program".

JS: I can say No One made LzF in SP but Fumie!

FS: …The girls haven't LzF to prevent deduction ("wrong edge").

JS: No, they haven't both, or if they have, they would mistake. But you killed both!

JS: It's interesting, very-Fumie quote: other skaters may remake my programs.

FS: I meant, Lori (Nichol) created for me a lot of good programs, I hope those will be remade, performed by someone when I quit. Lots programs I want to perform again, but it's not interesting. If someone carries on the program, that Lori's work won't melt forever.

JS: "save Lori's works".

JS: I really want to save "Bolero"(2007-2008SP), my best of Fumie.

FS: Thank you.

JS: I wonder if you perform it again, we'll see much more intense "Bolero"…

FS: That was difficult…

JS: But so lovely.

JS: Are you going to work with Lori next season?

FS: Yes, we're talking now. Or, we may rework this seasons.

JS: Oh, that's nice. You haven't performed them a lot. We're not full.

FS: I'm not full, either.

JS: You're choosing the music of exhibition program now. Have you chosen the music by yourself?

FS: I have chosen the music, and the direction of program. I have brought my preproduction to choreographers.

JS: Last spring, you tried to get sponsored (by "Yoshindo"), joined sports management leading company "Sunny Side Up" - to continue to compete. Papers say so many reasons, but I haven't read your soul words. I imagine you got feeling "I want to continue", that was unable to be described. So I would like to try to capture that feeling…

FS: (responding immediately) I love this sport, first of all. And I'm not gifted as a figure skater, a poor skater I was…

JS: a poor skater you were!?

FS: Yes, I was. I learned and learned to get here, every close people knows. "Not Easy" goes fun. And I love the Arts - that's the most important factor.

JS: There's nothing like Figure Skating, so fast and so wide performing art by sport.

JS: The last question, about romance you have…

FS: What!?

(everyone there laughs)

FS: Who did say!? What's rumor? Let me know that!

JS: Oh well… you haven't… I firmly maintain: at age 30, Fumie made LzF(Lz with "e", though) in SP at Japan Nats, that is the best moment of 2010 female athletes.

FS: …well, thank you.

JS: Then I guess you accomplished such a triumph thanks to…

FS: Romance! how dare you!


JS: Or, if you have it in the future…

FS: "I will play more dramatically", you say? YES! I say that, too!


JS: Or, if you could have it, would you be going to quit to compete?

FS: No, I wouldn't. I expect it could give good vibes to compete!

JS: Definitely. I expect you have been in love with Figure Skating, in Russia under Igor(Pashkevitch) next season!

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