Looking to the future with Eri Nishimura
Mark interviewed Eri NISHIMURA @ 2015 Canadian Nationals

By Mark Stephens with photography by Gregg Vereb
January 24, 2015 in Kingston, Ont.
(c) 2015 Japan Skates

Eri NISHIMURA @ 2015 Canadians

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Some of you may remember our 2008 interview with a young Japanese skater who had just starting competing in the Canadian system. That interview became in demand following the 2010 Canadian Championships, when Eri Nishimura took the junior title.

The next few years were difficult ones for Eri, as she entered the senior level and grew physically. Today, we present you a revitalized Eri who is having the time of her life as a figure skater.

Japan Skates caught up with Eri at the 2015 Canadian Nationals, at which she had two excellent programs and finished in the top ten.

JS: Congratulations on your program. How do you feel about it?

EN: Good! It was fun to skate and I really enjoyed my performance.

JS: What were your goals for this season?

EN: Actually, I wasn't expecting to be here because at the Skate Canada Challenge I didn't skate very well. I was the second alternate for this competition. It was really a surprise. I was really happy to be here because coming into this season my goal was to make it to Nationals and to skate well at Nationals. So I'm really happy that I got to come here and enjoy skating.

JS: How about for next season?

EN: For next season, I feel like I can improve a lot more and that there's a lot more in me.  I really want to continue skating and balance it with my academics because I also study at University of Toronto. For next season I want to come back stronger with more triples, and making sure all of my triples are clean and good quality. I also want to do a triple-triple next season and to work on presentation.

JS: Is the triple Lutz in your future?

EN: Yes, triple Lutz too!

A 13 year-old Eri was both thrilled
 and nervous to interview with us at
 the 2008 Thornhill Summer Skate

JS: What are you studying at U of T?

EN: I am studying Life Sciences, and my goal is to become a sports doctor.  So, I want to continue that path as well.

JS: You've been with Lee Barkell for as long as I've known you. When did you move to the Cricket Club?

EN: I moved three years ago. I was living in Barrie before with my grandmother since my parents are in Japan. My grandma had to go back to Japan, so I moved to a boarding school in Toronto. So that's why I moved to Toronto Cricket Club. And I really love it there!

JS: In 2010, you became the Canadian junior champion, then you went to the senior level and weren't back at the Nationals for a few years. But here you are now! What motivates you? What kept you going the whole time?

EN: I think it's just the love for skating. I really love skating, and that's what keeps me going. After I won junior, it was a hard few years, but I think that was because a lot of things changed. I grew, and also my environment changed. But now I feel like I'm back on track and I want to keep going.

JS: Congratulations and it was nice seeing you again.

EN: Thank you!